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Since we had some misunderstandings with reporters and journalists at Aachen Open 2009, we would like to introduce some "rules", "guidelines" and additional information for people, who are interested in reporting about Aachen Open 2010. Please read this page carefully.

General information

  • Please contact us by mail ( if you are interested in coming.
  • Reporters do not pay an entrace fee.
  • We would very much appreciate it, if you could send us a copy of your article/report about Aachen Open 2010.

The competition

  • We are not the second competition in germany (or even worldwide), but the second one in Aachen. There are many competitions every year (however, Aachen Open 2009 did receive an unusually high public interest).
  • Aachen Open 2010 is a german competition, not the german championships (those were held in November in Düsseldorf).
  • Aachen Open 2010 is not the world championships (however, people from all over the world will be competing).

Camera teams

  • All close-up shots are to be agreed upon with by the competitors.
  • Please take a minimum distance of two meters from every competitor, who is in the progress of solving a puzzle, otherwise, the competitor might get disturbed.
  • Competitors, who are solving a puzzle during an official event, are not to be talked to while doing so.
  • Please announce all bigger material (like tripods or camera cranes).

What's there to see?

  • Many so-called "speedsolves", that is, different puzzles (the well-known Rubiks Cube, for example) are solved incredibly fast (less than 10 seconds in some cases).
  • Many "speedcubing celebrities" will attend and be willing to give interviews, most probably including the world record holder, holders of several national and international records, the organization team, delegates of the World Cube Association and many other cubers of different age.
  • Media reports and pictures from Aachen Open 2009 can be found at


Aachen Open 2010 is organized voluntarily by the following students of RWTH-Aachen University:

  • Robin Blöhm (Mathematics, 7th semester)
  • Sébastien Auroux (Mathematics, 7th semester)
  • Florian Weingarten (Computer Science, 8th semester and Mathematics, 4th semester)
  • Monika Zimmermann (Mathematics and social sciences, 7th semester)
  • Axel Häck (Mathematics, 8th semester)
  • Berit Brüster (Chemistry, 5th semester)
  • Caroline Paeßens (Political sciences, 9th semester)
  • Sebastian Jack (Aerospace engineering, 9th semester)
  • Norbert Kotthoff (Electrical engineering, finished)

Additionally, we are supported by Prof. Dr. Aloys Krieg of Chair for Mathematics A (Analysis and number theory) of RWTH-Aachen University, many volunteers, the World Cube Association and Jumbo Games.

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